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In my life I am fortunate enough to work as a career advisor, where I have the opportunity to help others identify their dreams and passions. I provide guidance to people and help them to identify and reflect on what makes them tick, what they value most and ultimately assist them to set goals for themselves, based on those reflections.

Not so long ago, I realised that I was not practising what I was preaching. I had stopped setting goals for myself because I had made it to a comfortable place in my career, and become complacent. Mid 2015, I set myself the goal to start doing all those things that I kept saying I could do, but never actually did. As a result, Mel & Co was born.

I have set myself many creative goals for this journey, which you will see as new pieces are added to my store. One particular goal is in my business name 'Mel & Co'. I would love to grow my business enough so that I could work with a person, or people – my ‘Co’ – to collaborate on designs and make new creations for you to enjoy. That goal and others, keep me moving forward and dreaming big. I hope that the different things I create while I follow my passion, bring you joy and inspire you to follow your own dreams.